Sales and Marketing Director, IBIS Prof. Thome AG

Professional Qualification
  • Diplom Kaufmann
  • Doctorate: Project Navigator for the implementation of a software library – Market overview, conceptual design and development using the example of R/3
  • 20+ years experiences in the SAP environment
  • 10+ years experiences in Project Management and Business Development
Expertise and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the Business Development for IBIS Prof. Thome AG
  • Extensive knowledge regarding Business Process Documentation with SAP Solution Manager
  • Conception and realization of complex business and process oriented sequences
Project Experience
  • Professional appearance and manner, ability to utilize all techniques to stimulate sales to gain global customers acquisition success and global exploitation of partners (Atos, HPE or PwC)
  • Coordination and adaptation of tool usage in group implementations as well as development of roll-out concepts
  • Highly effective in communications and successful execution as project manager for reverse business engineering project and software implementations


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